More Icecast Server Streams!

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I am streaming my DX sessions on and off all day to an icecast server in the cloud, as time permits. The stream is and will be where my SDRPlay/SDRuno sessions will end up as they happen. Feel free to tune in and comment! I’m also up for any constructive criticism you may have on the sound and what should be fixed on SDRuno.

There is also a live stream of ambient/techno style tracks that will be playing all the way through with no repeats. This music is sort of meant to be just ambient while you do your thing during your day or night. That live stream is available at

Wefax Images Broadcast out of Boston Today

Hello All,

Right now I’m feeling like I definitely was just at the right place at the right time.. I jumped on the SDR radio this afternoon to do some DXing that i needed to catch up on. I tuned in to 12749khz USB. I then looked out my window and realized I was getting this strong signal partly because the sun was in the middle of setting. I was “greylining” . The result of all these fortunate events are held in 2 wefax maps below:

Icecast Radio Station Music Marathon Tonight at 2130UTC!

Hello Everyone,

I am going to be starting a heavy metal playlist to auto-dj throughout the night. If you would like to hear, you can check it out at .  Also, if you would like me to broadcast something for you, I can definitely do that!  Just let me know!

New Sunspot Forming! A clue to Cycle 25?

Ok, the cat is out of the bag! There is a new developing sunspot that, by all accounts, will rotate through and cause all kinds of fun. Are we closer to Cycle 25? or another “almost but not quite” situation? When this forms into a mature sunspot, we will tell by the polarization, if it belongs to Cycle 25. If we get these signatures back to back on sunspots after this one, we may be on a roll to the new cycle! In other news… We are being hit by some fast solar wind that is helping in bringing a bit of unsettled geomagnetic conditions to us as this article is being typed. Could be the reason for some flakey propagation lately?

Zombie WeFax Sessions

So this is what happened. I started decoding wefax during the night (North America) and actually got a few good ones from that session. I was shutting everything down and preparing to recharge my batteries and sleep, but one thing I forgot. I forgot to shut down my shortwave listening setup on my PC and left FLDIGI to keep decoding the images until a few hours after that.. Here is what I accidentally decoded!