Icecast Audio Stream

Hello Everyone!

I am tuned to 11560khz – All India Radio from India. I am streaming the broadcast through the icecast server. You can listen to my DX sessions today at !

Icecast is a streaming media (audio/video) server which currently supports Ogg (Vorbis and Theora), Opus, WebM and MP3 streams.
It can be used to create an Internet radio station or a privately running jukebox and many things in between. It is very versatile in that new formats can be added relatively easily and supports open standards for communication and interaction.


SW Show Hosts Losing Control of their Work!

Here is paragraph #2 of :

“Listeners have alerted me to a new weekly transmission of Shortwave Radiogram, Saturdays at 1330-1400 UTC on 15770 kHz from WRMI Florida. I have not yet confirmed with WRMI if this is a permanent addition to their schedule. Let’s tune in Saturday to see if it continues at least through this weekend.”

This is happening more and more to other show hosts. I really just do not understand how a place like WRMI can place you in time slots without your consent… Someone enlighten me please! lol

Old Friends

Last night was a very memorable time of catching up with old friends/acquaintances and finding out where most of my colleagues went after the disbandment of a social network based on the same hobby I am working on now. It is a good, refreshing look at what I really am doing. and what I strive for now, as far as where my intentions with my current network is headed. I love when things like this happen in life.

The project that I was working on along side of a few other folks was branded “Digital Addiction”. This experience was so bizarre that it made it extremely easy to interface with people and be in social situations after the whole thing had passed. I will spare you the details of the types of things that came up from the owner and others. The friends/acquaintances that I am speaking of will know exactly what I mean. …. It is a pretty strange turning point on how we all are approaching our projects from now on.

The most exciting thing about all of this is we got together, by chance, in the discord and thought about trying to get in contact with the owner, or one of the main guys, at to see if they would be interested in letting our network be of service to their chat needs!! I was corresponding with this point of contact at for a while in the past, but it just sort of fell flat. Months went by without hearing anything from the side. Well, I Just finished sending him correspondence right before starting this blog post and hope that Rose (The girl with the Radio) and I get an e-mail back from them with an answer!! Exciting times!


HFZone Discord

The discord/IRC network is about a year and a few months old today. It has come a long way. The chat started after a friend of mine and I registered an IRC channel on When I had decided that I wanted to tackle the loooong battle and challenge of starting a group, I chose the IRC network that my favorite linux distribution was based out of. This went alright for a while until the staff at freenode became absurdly unresponsive to problems that were happening that directly affected us daily while administering what we had. We moved to snoonet a few months after. Fast forward to today. Our IRC chan is a baron desert and we have a thriving network of regulars and curious enthusiasts visiting everyday in discord (hfzone) <(click that, heh). We have a Forum/Front page for the group on a self-hosted instance of the MyBB open source platform. Last night was an example of how exciting it can be in the discord. The post I saved to the front page was thus….” As usual we have alot going on in #lobby on our discord.  I will be streaming my whole DX session this evening with my SDRuno and RSP1a. Daz and Rose are re engineering some audio recordings.  Lots of fun tonight  The stream URL is  Should be exciting what comes out of the bands!  Join Us! ” . Very exciting times for HFZone. I look forward to continuing to work with people and meeting new faces to keep the hobby socially alive!

Equipment Acquisition

Hi All,

I have a Baofeng UV-82HP and I have been wanting to step it up a notch to hear satellites or maybe the ISS. I have purchased this:

I seem to be getting alot of signals I was not getting with the stock antenna on the UV-82HP and I have not been able to take it out into the open yet to really see it work. Stay tuned, again!

Android Tools

I just want to take a second and mention two tools that I think are more than worthy to be on anybody’s device, if you are into the hobby. With these tools on your phone, you literally have all the essentials you need for frequency navigation, right in your pocket and hand. I’ve had these tools on my phone for 4 months now and they have never let me down or spoiled my phone with malware or anything like that. Very happy with these.