Frigid RF (WA4333SWL)

Shortwave Radiogram #200 9955khz 0000UTC 4-16-2021 –Text–

Before RSID: <<2021-04-17T00:01Z WEFAX-IOC576 @ 14070000+1492>>fa ntò tºdLyu pP¹¯n( f rqu00yoFetSending Pic:174x135C; m etun Welcome to program 200(!) of Shortwave Radiogram. I’m Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA, thanking youfor your support and encouragement, and for tuning in anddecoding, during the first 200 shows of Shortwave Radiogram. Here is the lineup for today’s program, … Continue reading “Shortwave Radiogram #200 9955khz 0000UTC 4-16-2021 –Text–”

Radio Northern Europe International QSL Card

Hey! I just received this in the mail and was pleasantly surprised. Rose, who is the host of RNEI painstakingly fills out personalized QSL cards for those who listen to the show and provide a reception report! She goes above and beyond, doing this to just about every listener, every show… Amazing! Thanks Rose!


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