SWRadiogram.net Decoding #161!!

From time to time SWRadiogram likes to demonstrate that they can transmit text in non-Latin alphabets. This weekend they are broadcasting some Chinese text from Deutsche Welle. It’s about German passenger trains improving their on-time performance during the COVID-19 crisis. For the Chinese characters to display correctly, you need the UTF-8 character set. UTF-8 is default in Fldigi (at least during the past few years) and TIVAR, so most of you will not have any problems. If you see black rectangles instead of Chinese characters in the Fldigi receive pane, copy those rectangles to a word processor, and most likely the Chinese text will appear there.

Below are my picture decodes of this week’s radiogram. Enjoy!

Author: WA4333SWL

Founder of hfzone.org

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