DJ Playlist

Hello. I will be streaming music non-stop, with no repeats for a day +7 hours. It is a techno band Autechre’s discography and I will have the entire Conet Project mixed in. . Please, feel free to listen and make yourself at home!

Have a good evening!


I’m going to be doing this again tonight.

An Alternate Way of Viewing eibispace Shortwave Broadcast Schedules.

If you have not tried some of the different ways to browse and parse radio schedule data, here is your chance to follow along. First, you are going to want to install Java from (I use Windows 10. Download the version for your operating system.) Then you are going to want to pull down the schedule in a special format to manipulate later on in this post. You can get it here . DO NOT UNZIP OR EXTRACT THE ZIP FILE FROM Next, download Radio Explorer from . Unzip and extract this zip file to the same folder with the file.

On to the final step. With Java installed as outlined above, execute RadioExplorer.jar under the Radio Explorer folder you unzipped earlier. In radio explorer, open the file as below.

New Uniden BCD536HP Tabletop Scanner

So, I purchased a new scanner. I have been wanting a scanner now for about 2 years now. It’s a Uniden BCD536HP and was $500. The receiver is well worth that. I am constantly on this thing scanning my area and other areas. The thing is, the software that makes it possible to run a web server and host and control the unit over the web costs too much so I think I’m just going to use the scanner as a standalone device. It does have recording functions and replay functions that saves files to an micro-sd card. That is a plus. I shouldn’t have teased myself with the software with their 30 day trial. They know that once someone wants to use it and gets a chance to use it, that there is a high chance that someone will fork over the $50. Sorry, not me, I just payed a crap load of money on this unit and you cant even give me something so I can integrate it with windows and server technologies. For now, I will use the 30 day evaluation to give me time to gather the funds for it.

I do have a good system going to operate it along side of my PC tasks and SDR activities. It sits on top of my PC tower with the USB connected to Windows 10 virtual com port. I then turn the scanner on, and it asks me if I want to connect to the PC as a storage device (To grab recording sessions from the scanner) or as a device on a com port. I select com port and open up Proscan 16.3 and I can control it like an SDR suite. I then can make videos about it and etc. Proscan also can serve out your audio using a micro web service embedded in the software. Very convenient.

The ISS and it’s Voice and APRS Frequencies

OK guys, here it is! A rough cut, unprocessed screencast of the ISS passing over my QTH. It was sort of a spur of the moment type of thing. I though, well, I have enough time to open OBS screen capture software and with time to spare recorded what you see here. This is the ISS acting as a repeater for APRS communications as it passes over. I hope you enjoy!

ISS plotted with the Satellite Tracker Windows 10 App as it passes over. It becomes an APRS repeater on frequency 145.825MHz

WA4333SWL SWRadiogram Decodes for 5/22/2020

Hi everybody! It is looking like the sun wants to peak out of the clouds between these rain storms we are getting here at my QTH. I have decoded this morning’s 1300UTC broadcast, with great results. I had the gain on SDRuno set incorrectly for the first 2 images. I will be on a hunt for the first 2 in the next few days. Here is what I have so far.


I have added the two missing images from WRMI 15770khz at 1330UTC and have included them in the image album!