These are the last words from VI3RA before closing! 40meters

Most of the countries in the South Pacific do not have entertainment or information services available to large numbers of their populations. There are FM radio stations sponsored by Australia, New Zealand and increasingly China, but even they can only cover a small audience.

Mediumwave Broadcast 720kHz from Chicago, IL to Portsmouth, VA

Mediumwave DX from Chicago, IL to Portsmouth, VA

This broadcast is caught at 08:20UTC by my 150ft longwire with SDRuno and RSP1a . I used a bit of the soft am filter and DSB to doctor the reception of the station. The video also displays the station contact info. Maybe I can get a QSL Card? Also, I like to wait till the middle of the night so I can catch a bit of skywave on MW frequencies. I will have to do a comprehensive video soon featuring all MW stations I can receive from my QTH Portsmouth. Enjoy!