WordPress Android App

Good morning,

Just passing through this morning and checking up on a few server things. Also, this is a test of the wordpress android app. Looks like wordpress has managed to really impress me again. This kind of stuff just blows my mind…


I will be doing alot of transparent rearranging of some compute instance resources and configurations sometime today, for a few days in duration. Don’t worry, it should not be noticable. 🙂

I will be back soon! (Gonna make coffee)


Laptop Abuse

Good Evening,

So I was on my couch, listening to spotify on my laptop with headphones. Everything seemed normal… I scooted to the center cusion of the couch, nothing out of the ordinary still. I adjust the screen to make it a comfortable level with my eyes and, BAM!! Laptop falls to the floor… well.. I don’t have a laptop anymore! 🙁

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