Slow Scan TV from ISS January 30-31

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Russian cosmonauts are expected to activate Slow Scan Television (SSTV) image transmissions on 145.800 MHz FM from the International Space Station on Thursday, January 30 and Friday, January 31 as part of the MAI-75 experiment.

The expected activation times are:
• Thursday, Jan 30 at 13:30 – 19:00 GMT
• Friday, Jan 31 at 15:00 -17:30 GMT Broadcast #136 Decode (Video)

Hello People!

I always catch the SWRadiogram and the reason is that it broadcasts 4 separate times during the weekend. You cant miss it! I usually catch the very last one Sunday afternoon from WRMI.

This time I decided to catch one of the first broadcasts Friday morning at 1500UTC from WRMI. Below is my decode of the program. Let me know what you think!

ISS APRS Tracking

Hi All,

I have been doing a lot of reading lately and focusing on things that interest me the most in the hobby. Sometimes I will take a few days to decide what I want to be doing next. I usually want to do something that I haven’t done before

When I first heard about hams and hobbyists tuning in to the up link that is on the ISS to decode SSTV , and other modes as well as analog from them, I thought, well that is the most interesting thing i have heard in a while! After thinking about how great that would be to receive, I wondered when they would do that again now that I am studying what equipment they have onboard. Checking the schedules on NASA’s info pages, I discovered that it may be a while for me to even attempt intercepting comms from them. It wasn’t even on their calendar. That thwarted my attempts to go forward with the interest as they aren’t going to be doing any of those things (any time soon). I figured out what they do during downtime (no events planned.) It turns out that they pass locations and become a repeater for the APRS networks on the ground and also respond to hello transmissions from the ground that are using the uplink on the ISS radios.

I googled APRS, and downloaded the APRS client for Windows 10. I loaded up and became a peer, but i wasnt going to try TX until I get my ham license. I read what the protocal is and how it behaves on the ground. Also, the ISS becomes a repeater for the area that it passes.


So since all I could do is wait for it to pass and just intercept APRS messages . I discovered this tool called “Dire Wolf” and configured it to listen to my virtual audio cable installed for comms between SDRuno, and a program to pipe the audio to. After setup, I let the ISS pass over my part of the country and fire up the Dire Wolf program and monitored 145.825MHz, just to see until the events start happening again on the ISS. Below is what i found at first.

A few hams working with shifting propagation. Working 80-meters

Hello All,

I think this is pretty much a perfect example of hams working with shifty propagation conditions. These guys had a hard time hearing each other when the band started to shift when the sun came up. But… I could hear everyone perfectly! I guess I’m in a good geographical location for that. I find this interesting. I love 80-meters in the early morning! See video below—-

Mediumwave DXing

Hello Everyone,

This is one of the very rare occasions that I actually wait till night to DX mediumwave. This was a surprise tonight as I picked up WOR 710 all the way from New York! Just to be sure, I first went to a world map of AM stations and zoomed in and saw WOR. They have a live stream section on their entry in the database. I compared this live stream to what was on radio. Same exact thing, with the internet stream being about 5 seconds slow! I then used our bot in discord by issuing the command “!namw 710”. The listing had them at 50kw. There must be a bit of skywave there working for me! Very exciting times!! I may DX mw more often.

WordPress Android App

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Just passing through this morning and checking up on a few server things. Also, this is a test of the wordpress android app. Looks like wordpress has managed to really impress me again. This kind of stuff just blows my mind…


I will be doing alot of transparent rearranging of some compute instance resources and configurations sometime today, for a few days in duration. Don’t worry, it should not be noticable. 🙂

I will be back soon! (Gonna make coffee)


Laptop Abuse

Good Evening,

So I was on my couch, listening to spotify on my laptop with headphones. Everything seemed normal… I scooted to the center cusion of the couch, nothing out of the ordinary still. I adjust the screen to make it a comfortable level with my eyes and, BAM!! Laptop falls to the floor… well.. I don’t have a laptop anymore! 🙁

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