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Hi Everyone, WA4333SWL here,

Well I hope you all are getting into the holiday spirit properly this year! I know I am! As a shortwave radio listener, I really take in the holiday radio programming much more than I did when I was young. Usually it is the other way around but when you build a hobby around something like this, it does get fun. This broadcast from https://swradiogram.net/ is a prime example. Please take the time to go over their site for info about this broadcast, if you don’t already know.

Below are a half hours worth of MFSK-64 (AM Digital Mode) pictures that really light up the spirit in me as they were scrolling down the screen, decoding away. This broadcast was transmitted from WRMI Florida at 7780KHz at 2330UTC . I used FLDIGI with RxID enabled so I can pay more attention to the content and needed audio adjustments instead of manually switching modes. My SDR is an RSP1a in Windows 10 with SDRuno. I also recorded a video but am not too happy with how it ended up looking. Pictures do it enough justice, I think.

73s !!

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