Time Lapse of Sunspot Region 2833 6-11-2021 – 6-18-2021

Data source is NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. Compiled with JHelioviewer

Loops 1-3 are marked with a grid and sunspot region highlighted in alternating colors that correspond with the event timeline near the bottom of the screen. Loop 4 is only showing the highlighted spot region. The final loop is only the sun imagery. –enjoy!

This is a Music Show #120

This is the decoded image from TIAMS #120 on 5850khz 0200UTC 6-17-2021. I used my RSP1a and dipole antenna for the capture last night. There was no playlist included in the decode but Your Host actually took the time to get with us for a screenshot of what was played!!

TIAMS #120 decoded image MFSK
Last night’s playlist!